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A recent example

Thank you for all of your wonderful help with the setup of our new turntable, cartridge and phono preamp. There is absolutely no doubt that all of your hard work and expertise has led to our having the best turntable setup that we have ever had. As I watched the hours that you put into the calibration of this setup, I quickly came to the realization that there was no way that I could ever come close to your level of precision or results! The level of detail, dynamics and overall soundstage that we are able to hear is simply extraordinary.

Perhaps the most telling of just how well the turntable performs when we listen to orchestral works that typically have numerous instruments competing for the same frequency space within the mix. The turntable can pull out such a fine level of detail that we are able to hear all of the subtle nuances and contours of these instruments, something that I have only experienced within the context of a live performance -- it is really that good! What is just as impressive is the fact that the cartridge is still new with very limited hours of use. Knowing how well the cartridge is tracking now, I can’t even imagine how well the cartridge and turntable will sound after the cartridge is fully broken in and able to perform at its best. All I can say is thank you so very much for all of your expert help and sensational results -- you certainly have a customer for life!

Best regards,
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